Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm finna tell you why...volume 3

You should be listening to: Boris
Two dudes and a little lady from Japan make up Boris and are killing it so hard right now. Whether it’s a hour-long drone/doom masterpiece of a three-minute long Motorhead-esque rocker, Boris can do no wrong. I swear to god, the Japs are the master race. Just listen to “Feedbacker.” 45 minutes of fuzzy Pink Foyd-inspired psych mixed with bombastic explosions of drums and squeeling guitar solos. Boris rules.

But instead you’re listening to: The Go! Team
Why: Because you think if you say you listen to this band, the pixie-haired cutie in your “Intro to Poetry” class will think you’re cool. In reality, she’ll find out you like The Go! Team and think you’re a total panty-waist.

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