Thursday, April 05, 2007

"The Lost Tracks of Danzig"

Holy shit! A new Danzig release!

On May 29th, "The Lost Tracks of Danzig" will drop like it's hot. This is a double-disc set of b-sides and rarities, spanning the band's entire career so far. Yeah, yeah, I know shit got a little weak after "Lucifuge" but this it still bound to have some kick-ass songs on it. Included are "Pain is Like an Animal" and "When Death Had No Name" which are actually two late Samhain songs which got turned into the first two Danzig songs. Glenn's taking us way back on this one!

If you're interested, here's the track list:

  1. Pain Is Like An Animal
  2. When Death Had No Name
  3. Angel of the Seventh Dawn
  4. You Should be Dying
  5. Cold, Cold Rain
  6. Buick McKane
  7. When Death Had No Name
  8. Satans Crucifiction
  9. The Mandrake's Cry
  10. White Devil Rise
  11. Come to Silver (Acoustic)
  12. Deep
  13. Warlok
  1. Lick the Blood Off My Hands
  2. Crawl Across Your Killing Floor
  3. I Know Your Lie
  4. Caught In My Eye
  5. Cat People
  6. Bound by Blood
  7. Who Claims the Soulless
  8. Malefical
  9. Soul Eater
  10. Dying Seraph
  11. Lady Lucifera
  12. Under Belly of the Beast
  13. Unspeakable Shango Mix
Yeah, that doesn't mean a goddamn thing to me either. Here is what I can tell you though: "Cat People" is a fucking David Bowie cover. Even more exciting is the fact that "Caught in My Eye" is goddamn GERMS cover! That is bound to be worth the price of admission alone. In case you didn't already know, Danzig fucking rules, so you should probably stop being such a pussy and buy this shit once it hits stores.

P.S.- Your fashion-mullet and ironic mustache look fucking ridiculous.

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