Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pet Genius

Yeah, it was definitely a bummer when Stephen Brodsky put an end to his first post-Cave In band, The Octave Museum. But it took a mere few weeks for him to resurface with another project. This one is called Pet Genius and it also features J.R. Conners who was also in Cave In.

This shit proves that Stephen Brodsky is some sort of super-human. Everything he touches turns to sonic gold. He could probably stand in front of a microphone and make armpit farts and it would come out sounding like the most beautiful music anyone has ever heard.

The first song on the site is called "Man of the Mountain" and I can't stop listening to it. It starts out with some West Coast-style stoner metal and then abruptly turns into a pretty acoustic folky pop song with trademark Brodsky vocal harmonies and weird spacey guitars. The lyrics are kinda stupid, but this dude smokes tons of dope so lay off. And besides, The Beatles wrote really stupid lyrics and everyone seems to like them just fine.

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